Day 1889: Wrestling Wednesday!

Last week in NXT UK, Kassius Ohno took on Walter in what I thought was a great match. So much is made of the chops of Walter that the way the match was structured and paced really gave a good showing to everything else Walter can do well.

I think it was the most important match he’s had so far, and with Kassius Ohno I was sure it’d be a good match. I think that the concept around taking out Walters arm was two fold in how it worked well. He showed that he has a diverse array of moves that don’t rely on his chops, and it also showed that he can sell well against a good opponent who knows what they’re doing with the structure. It also gave people the idea that he’s a tough man, and can withstand a lot before giving up.

I’m glad that he’s being handled well, but I hope that it continues, and the atmosphere surrounding him continues.

In other news, there’s so many things going on, but really, Fastlane is this weekend, it really snuck up on us. Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1861: Wrestling Wednesday!

After last weekends craziness with the Royal Rumble, some interesting thoughts popped out. What match ups look like they could be wonderful having seen a lot of wrestlers facing one another even for a brief time.

Didn’t Lacey Evans just not look very good? And she’s been called up to the main roster. A travesty I know given her shaky start, but never fear, she looked like she hit her stride later in the match, especially when she stood up to Charlotte. I know, I know, I am very down on Charlotte, I just don’t like her, but, seeing the two of them working together, and Charlotte’s ability to carry Lacey means that I hope they get paired together soon, as it’ll benefit a new face, and hopefully get Lacey Evans involved now that she’s around.

At the time it looked like it could have very interesting implications, but Aleister Blacks elimination of Dean Ambrose was excellent. It’s a shame that Dean is going away, but I’d still like to see Aleister Black in that realm. I’d like to see him against someone like Finn Balor, can you imagine The Demon being vanquished by Aleister Black, and then them becoming a mighty tag team where he can evoke The Demon. Just ponder it?

What about Riott Squad vs Kairi Sane, Io Sharai and Dakota Kai? That intrigues me, 3 vs 3, 2 solid teams, could be very entertaining. I don’t have much else to say about it other than, I think it’d be good.

Rhea Ripley has been tearing it up, and despite her tough character, she’s one of the most interesting people to see on the performance center channel, and her speech after winning the NXT UK Womens championship was wonderful. I don’t know if that speech actually exists anywhere, but it was great being in the live audience for it. Anyway, I’d enjoy seeing her against anyone on the main roster, and she’s only 23, and is excellent. A match or series of matches against Bayley or Sasha Banks, or Charlotte, or Becky Lynch… or anyone on the main roster, within reason could be fantastic.

Okay, Seth Rollins vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania will be the match that we’re getting, but what about Johnny Wrestling/Gargano vs Seth Rollins? If they could play the story right it could be one of the best feuds, some of the best matches in a long time, but we are still mid-story with Gargano and Ciampa. Who knows where that will lead?

Andrade vs Mustafa Ali could start any moment, but with Andrade performing incredibly against Rey Mysterio at the moment, this one can wait. Tranquilo I guess I’ll have to be, but in what are some of the best televised matches, and Mustafa Ali’s feud with Samoa Joe, I think there could be some solid matches coming up, and switching these opponents around could be an utter delight.

That being said, Samoa Joe vs anyone he hasn’t feuded with yet. I just feel like he’s not getting the matches we all know he can deliver, but just mix it around, I’m hoping for some good and interesting matches, it doesn’t matter if they’re one offs or not, he’s a great wrestler and can elevate anyone. He’s really someone that can lose repeatedly but not really have any think be knocked off of his persona.

That’s about it for now, have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

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Day 1847: Wrestling Wednesday!

Sasha vs Bayley is a feud I’ve heard about but never watched. There’s so much about it, so I thought I’d try and figure out what time scale it was on, when it started, which shows were involved and how it culminated at the mythical Takeover that is often mentioned.

Starting my research into the topic it’s easy to find the defining point, Takeover Brooklyn, August 22, 2015. But where the storyline begins is much harder to pin down. There was a follow up match at the following Takeover, which by all accounts was a good match, but by this point Sasha was working on RAW and had barely appeared at NXT.

Working backwards then, and reading from the beginning gets me to a point, either July 3rd, 2014, where Bayley attacked Sasha and caused the disbandment of Sasha’s team, or August 4th, 2014, where the two faced one another. But this seems too far out, but a good starting point. I also suspect that there isn’t a full year of build up for this, there are just going to be key points where something develops. Or, it was just one match that was incredible with a few weeks build up, which is what I think is most likely. So, I’ll start from the Takeover prior, Takeover: Unstoppable, and head to Takeover: Brooklyn, and then skip the weeklies to go straight to Takeover: Respect.

I’m looking forward on starting this journey and heading into an era of wrestling that I completely skipped over. I will report back in a few weeks what I’ve discovered, how I view what’s gone on, and keep not giving my real opinions on Charlotte. I think it’d also be worth looking into the changing from Divas to the Womens championship, and how that looks now 3 years on from Wrestlemania 32, where the new title was announced.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

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Day 1840: Wrestling Wednesday!

I was far too late to realising there was a NXT UK Takeover event on at the weekend, only discovering that it was due to be on on Friday. I’m glad I heard the rumblings about it and decided to tune in. I’ve tried keeping up with it, but there’s not really much drawing me in to it. Or there wasn’t.

What looked on paper like it could be a decent show really stepped up and knocked it out of the part for the first show of its scale. The show followed the same structure as the Takeover shows of NXT, and steered away from the typical mess that is a classic PPV of the main roster. There were 5 matches across 2 hours and 40 minutes, which all managed to tell a convincing story. I highly recommend checking it out. There were a lot of crazy chants, as we’ve come to expect from the UK audience, and that just helped the atmosphere come across while watching.

The opener was a tag team match for the NXT UK tag titles, and it set the bar high for the rest of the show. We had two strong teams battling it out after a few weeks of build up, and the match was fantastic. There were some crazy moves pulled out, Tyler Bate, the big strong boy, even put both opponents on his shoulders and spun them around in a crazy feat of strength. The match was well worked and had a very solid ending to it.

Then there was a singles match, it was supposed to be Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks, but Devlin, and his dastardly heelish ways eliminated Banks before anything really got going. We were then greeted by Sid Scalla and Johnny Saint saying they thought this was going to happen. In my most Marking Out Moment of the show, the music hit as the lights went dark and Finn Balor came out to the eruption of cheers, and I was excited, everyone seemed excited, and it was a great way to shut the Irish Ace down after his first few months. He’s a good wrestler, but Finn Balor showed that he is one of the best in the world. He didn’t have his ‘happy to be here’ smile on, he looked more serious, more sinister, reminiscent of his NJPW run, and given that I’ve seen only a limited amount of him in WWE, looked fantastic. I think the only performance of his I really remember was his utter squashing of Baron Corbin when he came out as the demon, and that match only lasted about 2 minutes. An absolutely solid match from both guys here, and it ended the only sensible way, hopefully they’re doing something a bit longer term with them, but it could likely just be a one off. There’s a video on the WWE youtube channel of Finn Balors reveal and entrance and it’s electrifying. It has about 4 stages, and it’s worth watching. It starts by everything going dark, and people cheer a bit, it sounds like a lot, but it only intensifies when his name then shows up on the screens. It the gets louder again as he walks out, and then the final part to seeing it all come together is the crowd following his entrance. It’s all rather incredible.

The next match was alright, a no disqualification match, with some cool spots. I think it was the weakest match on the show, but Eddie Dennis was painted as really strong, and Bomber Dave Mastiff continued to look as impressive as he has done already. There were tables, and chairs and it delivered on being a decent match, but on a show like this, there had to be a match that wasn’t up to anything else.

For the Womens Championship, Mae Young Classic winner Toni Storm took on NXT UK Womens Champion Rhea Ripley. It was a hard fought match, with spots reminding us of what happened last time, and playing on Toni Storms work after winning the MYC and losing the match after the UK title tournament. It was a well crafted match, but I believe that the winner was wrong. We had Rhea Ripley being a cocky heel, talking the talk, but not being able to beat a 100% Toni Storm kind of weakened my opinion of her. She’s clearly the bigger one of the two, but I didn’t believe it while watching. Toni is a great wrestler, but didn’t need the elevation immediately of the title, I hope the feud continues, but we’ll see what happens.

The WWE UK Title was on the line in the last match of the night, Gallus’ Joe Coffey vs the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne, whose title reign has just crossed 600 days. The match really showed that Joe Coffey was able to handle the expectations that were placed on him, and Pete Dunne just proved why he’s held the title for so long. The match was very back and forth, very well contested, and hard to tell who would win. Towards the end of the match they went for the final moves, but ended up having to abandon the move as they fell off the turnbuckle to the outside trying the same thing twice. The ending had to change, and it made sense, it kind of was a move that more people should tap out to, so I am glad that they changed it and kept it sensible.

What happened after though was remarkable. Pete Dunne had his title, was celebrating, then WALTER turned up. He walked out, made his way into the ring, started to stare down, but Joe Coffey climbed up to the edge of the rink, and WALTER booted him straight off, then resumed his stare down. It was intense, and it hopefully will give levity and weight to NXT UK as WALTER is such a great wrestler that we can hope that the feud between them elevates the brand.

All in all, it was a fantastic show, incredibly well worked, and there were some incredible moments that have to be seen.

Have an excellent day! Thanks for reading! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1833: Wrestling Wednesday!

I got all 3 of my predictions correct. Maybe I should have given more credit to the rumblings of AEW.

The Wrestle Kingdom show on Friday was superb. There was fantastic wrestling throughout and it did so much. However, the event was 5 hours long, and even then some matches went only for 6 minutes and felt a little rushed. While it ran for a long time the show never felt like a drag, however as a wrestling show, it was great for a veteran observer, but did little to reward new fans or people just tuning in.

I will disagree that Tanahashi vs Omega was the best match and was fitting. There was great story telling in the match, but I never felt like Tanahashi put on much offence, and was lagging behind, never seemed ahead, and all around didn’t give as much as he could. I enjoyed that they continued to protect the one winged angel, and that the variety of the moves used highlighted that finishers should be just that. Through imitating Tanahashi, Omega used his finisher, but having received the move, Tanahashi kicked out immediately, it was a great touch and detail in a well thought out enjoyable match. The match was great, don’t get me wrong, it deserves to be remembered, but to me it doesn’t stand up to some of the other matches on the card.

The Ospreay vs Ibushi match was my favourite match on the show, and it opened the show proper, and provided a great back and forth match, where it eventually became clear that Ospreay had answers for everything Ibushi had, and a few surprises. There were quite a few stiff sections of the match, and the story line heading out of the match was an interesting choice. I think if I were to recommend a match to watch it would be this one. I believe it does a better job portraying two people as equals with one winning out due to more heart and resolve than any other match on the card, and they are two of the best wrestlers around.

AEW was announced over the last week and it’s been an interesting time, but it’s still ongoing and it’s all very exciting. There’s still so much more to be announced, and I hope that something incredible comes out of it, something that can compete with WWE, and in my mind, NXT specifically. I know that there are differences in the main WWE and NXT, and I think that creating a promotion that can be as big as WWE but have NXT style engagement and storylines, but with top tier talent (not that NXT isn’t full of incredible talent) could push the wrestling industry forward, and become truly one of the greatest spectacles. The industry only seems to be growing at the moment, and there’s certainly a space in the market for a big promotion that appeals to the older fans.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-