Day 1963: The Travels

On Friday I travelled to America, and it was an odd trip.

It started by me drinking a pint of water before setting off in the taxi to the airport. That was a mistake, and half way to the airport I had to request that we stopped at the nearest services.

Then, upon arriving at the airport, the flight wasn’t on the board, and didn’t show up until far later than it should have. That wasn’t where the oddities ended. I obtained my boarding pass and sent my case on it’s way, but I wasn’t allowed through security, I had to return to get my passport checked, I obliged and found out that it wasn’t just me on this flight that wasn’t getting clear of security. Eventually I made it through, and got myself some lunch. See instagram for a picture of that.

Then, the flight showed up on the board, and immediately had a gate assigned, which is odd, so I made my way there, and sat and waited. There was a call out for anyone with a certain code on their boarding pass for advanced special security. No prizes for guessing that I had that code on my boarding pass. I had to completely unload my bags that I was carrying. It was a whole faff. But I got onto the plane second, and then I loaded up one overhead bin with all my things.

The flight was relatively uneventful, I watched Moana and Toy Story. That was about it.

Once I landed, it was time for immigration. I was nervous, but I knew everything was done. So I spoke to the officer, and then got transported to a desk a little while away. I sat and waited for a bit and was asked two questions. And that was it. There was nothing to worry about, all the tough stuff was already done.

And that’s how I was allowed to enter the United States!

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-