Day 1892: Ruminate

I listened to a podcast today, actually I started listening to a second that I’ll probably talk about in the next week or so, but the one I want to discuss today was Pete Holmes talking to Craig Ferguson.

It’s a fascinating listen, as both grew up as protestants and sort of rebelled against the religion in time, and have come back around of sorts to their spirituality. They talked about so much stuff, and focused a bit on alcoholism, and addiction.

As is usual, it made me think. I don’t want to repeat all of their points about religion, and alcohol, and I know you’ve all heard enough from me about my thoughts on it, but I’d recommend giving it a listen.

There is one point that I wanted to pontificate on, that they were talking about how in a moment they can feel the desire to drink in a time where others are drinking, but they never once now look back on an evening and wished they’d had a drink. There were questions that I’d thought of for application to myself, like do I miss it, but also, do I feel, like, I was ever in that state?

I enjoy that things fall out of my memory as normal, and that I’m not missing anything significant because I was too trashed to remember what went on.

They went on to talk about how they are social at a party where people are drinking, how they have fun, when other people have fun because they’re drinking. I related to that, I understand what they’re saying, that it takes time to understand and enjoy social occasions, and that after giving up you can feel a bit lost in social situations where others are drinking. It takes a while to do it, it still takes me a massive amount of effort to even go out in an evening where people will be drinking, and to have a good time, while not exactly hard when people are also having a good time, you’ve got to be yourself, unmodified to find the enjoyment in what you’re doing.

It gave me some perspective that I think I needed to hear.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-