Day 1890: Inevitable

It was always going to happen. We lost a game of Gambit Prime. We won 15 straight matches since it was introduced, and we just lost our first game. We were having a mad run, we had our strategy down, but it had to end at some point.

I’m really enjoying the mode, I don’t think I ranted enough about it in my podcast that came out today, which you can find here! It’s been really fun to play with lads and while we aren’t working together there’s so much other stuff to do.

Destiny 2, for me, is in an excellent place right now. What I like right now a lot is that even though people might be just getting into the game, once a player reaches level 50, they can complete some bounties and be able to instantly join in on the end game. It’s unfortunate that there are a few broken things right now, and that a lot of players have got to where they are through the grind to learn how the game works, but as an accessibility tool, in the third season of the year I think it’s an appropriate time. I feel as though if they keep this in as it is it’ll be great, update it after 2 seasons have passed into a year of content. I think that having them present each season would be problematic, and devalue time invested. Understandably it’s still a large time sink to make nearly any progress, but if it was every season that it’s available I would think it’s a problem.

Anyway, Gambit Prime is excellent, it’s a lot more mechanic focused, and there’s a lot of strategy, there’s set items to build around and focus on a role. It’s very well thought out, and so far I am having a good time. I do not expect to jump into it without my group though. I can’t conceive of the idea, as I have no interest in trying to run it with randoms.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-