Day 1889: Wrestling Wednesday!

Last week in NXT UK, Kassius Ohno took on Walter in what I thought was a great match. So much is made of the chops of Walter that the way the match was structured and paced really gave a good showing to everything else Walter can do well.

I think it was the most important match he’s had so far, and with Kassius Ohno I was sure it’d be a good match. I think that the concept around taking out Walters arm was two fold in how it worked well. He showed that he has a diverse array of moves that don’t rely on his chops, and it also showed that he can sell well against a good opponent who knows what they’re doing with the structure. It also gave people the idea that he’s a tough man, and can withstand a lot before giving up.

I’m glad that he’s being handled well, but I hope that it continues, and the atmosphere surrounding him continues.

In other news, there’s so many things going on, but really, Fastlane is this weekend, it really snuck up on us. Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-