Day 1885: A busy day doing nothing

I didn’t have a plan for today. Unsurprising, as it is Saturday.

I woke up early, earlier than I was hoping for, and faffed around. It took me a while to get moving, but once I was up, I figured out that I’ve been putting off cashing a cheque, and sorting out my drawers.

Once I’d visited the bank, I scoured my drawers, deciding which clothes I no longer need. There’s far fewer clothes that I wanted to rid of than I thought there would be. In general though I have fewer clothes than I thought I had.

I spent the rest of the morning playing Path of Exile, figuring out how I’m going to approach the new league that starts on Friday.

This week ahead should be interesting, with the new Path of Exile league, Synthesis coming out at the end of the week, but on Tuesday the Season of the Joker begins in Destiny 2. This happened last time too. When Betrayal was coming out, Season of the Forge was released within days. It’s a good time, and keeps me busy, but I get burnt out on both at the same time, which is unfortunate.

Rachyrock and I took on 4 bosses in Path of Exile today that we’ve never tried before. We took on 3 of the Breachlords, Tul, Xoph and Esh, then we took on Atziri. These are all bosses that can do serious damage, and there’s a lot of movement. I’m very pleased with how we did on each of them, as we beat them all on our first attempts, even if I died a few times. All in all it’s been a good day in games!

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-