Day 1894: Music Monday!

Over the last week I’ve had an interesting time with music. I’ve been trying to find something to enjoy listening to while getting stuff done. I know there’s one band that is ever reliable for me trying to get stuff done.

That band is Opeth, a band I give far less credit than is due for influencing how my music sounds, and being a band I can listen to at any point. They have such a breadth of sound that I can pick certain albums one day, and wanting something entirely different the next day pick another album and be satiated.

My favourite of their albums is Damnation, the album it’s paired with might be the album of theirs I like the least. They recorded the albums in one session, but realised they had too much, and two very distinct styles, and as such separated the tracks. There are earlier albums that are just as heavy as Deliverance, but there’s something about that album that just doesn’t click with me.

I enjoy nearly every album they’ve put out, from Watershed, to My Arms, Your Hearse. There’s such a diversity in their music, especially as the more recent albums, Pale Communion and Sorceress are relatively clean.

I don’t know what further to pontificate, but I like Opeth.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-