Day 1884: It's March!

It’s been an odd week. I generated myself a lot of work, and it’s been keeping me busy, but I’m not particularly motivated to get it done. I got some music created, and I have played some games.

I put out a podcast yesterday with Dom that was fun to record, and we talked about a bunch of things. We talked about Apex Legends, I’ve played a few more games of that since, and also talked about Destiny 2, and mentioned that I was about to run the Shattered Throne, which I wrote about on Tuesday, and I captured it as the footage for the podcast. You can check it out here!

This weekend I’ve got to look after the dog as my parents are busy. Should be a fun time, she’s a very low maintenance dog.

I don’t have much else to say. I have a feeling that when I’m actually loaded up with stuff to do I’m going to be exhausted initially. I’m hoping to sort all my clothes out this weekend, figure out what can be thrown away and what needs to be kept.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-