Day 1860: Tuesday, a good day for Squats

I’ve done some running and some walking, and today I did some barbell back squats for the first time in a long time.

In my ever continuing quest to be the best me I can be, I have been running a lot. My mile time is back down under 6 minutes 30, my 2 km time is under 8 minutes, my 5km time is reliably under 25 minutes, and my 10km time is edging ever closer to the 50 minute mark I’m aiming for.

Once I was done with todays 5km, I decided, as no one was using it, to try and see if I could remember how to squat. I learned a few things. Firstly, start with a low weight to make sure you know the movement. I started with 20kg, which was good, and I felt like I got into a good rhythm. Secondly, slowly ramp up the weight to what you know you can manage. I started at 20 to get the movement going, I’ve been doing jumps with a 15kg sand bag, so I know 20 is going to feel like not a lot for me. I stepped up to 40kg, which I was certain I could handle, I’ve deadlifted it a few times over the past 2 weeks, and it was fine. I then stepped up to 50kg, and I wasn’t expecting to find a stopping point for the day.

As I lifted the 50kg bar off the rack and tried to get myself into motion I noticed that I needed to make sure everything was in the right position, my right foot wasn’t where it was on my earlier squats, so I needed to adjust. I went through the movement and got a few reps done before returning the bar and calling it a day. I’m sure the ramp up to that weight didn’t help my fatigue going in but I am glad I didn’t try to jump to 60kg immediately, as I know that would have ended in disaster. I’m also pretty confident in saying that the 5 km that I started with didn’t positively contribute to the maximum weight I could lift too.

My third point then is to know when to stop, where your limits are, the information I shared the other day about going 70% every day rather than having to take days off after going 100% sprang to mind, and I’m trying to get into that habit, of pushing myself to where I know I can get, and ensuring I don’t overexercise and am left fatigued for days.

Sure I’d like to be able to squat more, but that’ll come in time, so for now I’m just going to work on increasing the amount of reps of 50kg that I can do, and maybe try out a 60kg or so when I’ve done a sensible, not over the top, warm up.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-