Day 1859: Music Monday!

Aside from releasing a new song yesterday, I have been curious about when Within Temptation went the direction of Pvris and Tonight Alive.

I was listening to the new Within Temptation album, Resist, earlier today and was thoroughly confused. It doesn’t sound like The Silent Force, which is my favourite of their albums. They’ve moved to a more electronic sound and definitely shifted a little from what I remember.

Don’t mistake my thoughts on this album, I like it, but it’s not what I was expecting. I like Pvris and Tonight Alive, but I expected Within Temptation to be massively symphonic, soaringly high, and have some crazy contrast between the music and the lyrics. That unfortunately feels missing, however what is left is a very cohesive collection of tracks that are good songs, if missing a little of what made the band special.

I’m sure their sound has naturally evolved here over their few albums released in between, The Silent Force did come out in 2004 after all, and here we are 15 years later. 22 Years after their debut album was released also, they’re still breaking new ground, and putting out quality music. It’s been a wild ride, and I know that there are certainly some heavier guitar led tracks on Hydra, their previously released album, especially the track with Howard Jones, Dangerous.

The aesthetic of the band has changed too, maybe for the better, maybe not, but it’s certainly not what it was before, with the grandiose dresses and gothic visuals. That appealed to me when I was younger, but I’m rather over the looks of a band, as long as the music entertains, I’m far more hooked.

It’s been a strange revelation. Thanks for reading! You’re all my favourites! Have an excellent day!

Peace -x-