Day 1883: 2019 Progress Report, February Edition

Another month has come to an end, so let’s review where I’m at!

My goal of running/walking 1,000km this year is going poorly. I know I can do better, and that I can get further, but I need to let my foot heal up. Without it healing I can’t run. I know that I’ll have to cover nearly 100km a month every month for the rest of the year, but I absolutely can’t do it without a good foot.

I have already put out 3 songs, got another one coming this weekend, and I’ve been working on one entirely separately too! I am doing much better than last year, and I think this could be a mega-productive year for me. I’m skipping the next Game of Bands round because I don’t have anything for it, but that’ll give me time to work on what I’ve got going on for my own personal project.

I’m not doing well at reading more books. I don’t have a defence for that, other than I’ve been focusing my time on music.

I’ve learned that the Nobel Prize is made of 18 Carat Green Gold and is coated with 24 Carat Gold. There are some more things I’ve learned, but I’m trying to pin down when exactly the Nobel Committee stopped picking people it was familiar with and started rewarding based on merit and integrity. It’s early in the prizes, but not too early, so it’s all a bit strange.

No progress on my job right now, but I’ve been looking for new ones. Nothing else to report.

I feel like I have been writing more. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking and feel like I am making progress. I’ve been happy with a lot of things that I’ve written professionally recently, and that’s been encouraging.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-