Day 1880: Music Monday!

I heard a song on the radio earlier and it got me in the mood to listen to a very specific album. I want to say I might have mentioned it in passing recently, but I can't really remember when that was. I think it's a fascinating album that most people would enjoy listening to, and based on the bands popularity, and the fact they're being played on the radio, albeit on a somewhat rock focussed station, I'm sure they're plenty popular.

The album? Sleeping with Ghosts by Placebo.

I remember being really in the scene and enjoying the album when it came out, and just having a great time bonding with friends while listening to it. It's such a cool album, there's nothing technical about it, but it's got all these great tracks that have great melodies. The album has some really good instrumentation, and it's crazy the amount of talent the 3 chaps in the band had.

Of course, they have other albums, Black Market Music and Without You I'm Nothing are also excellent, but Sleeping with Ghosts came out at just the right time for me to be the quintessential Placebo album.

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!

Peace -x-