Day 1879: Not a disaster

It’s been an interesting weekend. Having carried a lot of stuff yesterday, and my back was aching when I woke up today, I thought I’d try and get at least something useful done.

I got a bunch of progress made on my new song, and got my set up all working how I wanted it to. The captured sound is exactly what I was looking for. I now want to challenge myself to find a tone in a solo somewhere that I can replicate, and then I also want to find a rhythm sound that I can emulate too.

Rachyrock and I played a whole bunch of Diablo 3, and it’s been fun. We were trying to accomplish season goals, and managed to eventually try and complete a Torment X rift in 2 minutes. It took us many attempts but we eventually completed it, then bumped it up to Torment 13, and cleared the rift there in 4 minutes. It’s been a good day for completing challenges.

In Destiny 2, I got the last piece of armour I needed and completed the rare bounty, and made progress on the exotic quest that I’ve been trying to get moving for the last 2 weeks. I now need to complete the Shattered Throne, which hopefully I can do tomorrow night.

I’m hopeful that the week ahead has some good news! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-