Day 1878: Manual Destruction!

It’s been an interesting day. My dad and I went over to my grandads old apartment, which my parents now own, and cleared out the stuff left in the bedroom. It’s been there for a long time, but until recently someone was living in there, paying rent, etc. but had let the place get into a terrible state. We turned up, and started moving things out.

Then we got to the 2 wardrobes, which were massive, and very cumbersome. We knew all this stuff was going away, to be disposed of, and we hadn’t taken any tools with us. So we did what any sensible people would do, and tore the whole thing apart by hand. It didn’t go particularly well for my dad, who when trying to grasp a bit of the wood to stabilise it cut his finger open, but all in all we were rather efficient, and it all came apart with only a real modicum of force.

We then had to transport it to the car, then to the recycling centre, and that all took a bunch of time. While at the recycling centre, I got to manhandle and throw these items around, into the skips, which was a lot of fun, especially throwing a full chest of drawers into the skip and seeing it falling apart almost instantly was very satisfying.

I got home, and as we turned up I received a new pedal, which emulates speaker output from a range of different cabinets, power amps, and microphones. It’s a really interesting pedal, and what I’ve managed so far with it has been very enjoyable. I hope that what I can do with it allows me to be able to replicate the tone I hear through my amp and recreate it going into my audio interface much more closely than I can right now. And, as it’s in pedal form, I’ll have to use less software to capture the sound accurately, which is exciting. A realm of possibilities has just opened, and it’s vast and expansive. I will even be able to load Impulse Responses in, and I don’t even know how they really work yet!

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-