Day 1866: Music Monday

I’ve been writing a bunch of music recently. It’s the most productive I’ve been in a long time with music. Game of Bands is a prime reason for this, as it forces me to get music written and completed in roughly a week, so that there is time for lyrics to be written and vocals to be recorded.

I’ve found that while recording, different people I work with have different preferences about the music that they’ll put their lyrics and voices to, which limits the scope of the music I’ve written. The song that’ll be out next week had a few restrictions, there wasn’t allowed to be repeating sections, in terms of your typical song, there won’t be a chorus, or verses with the same structure, so it lead me to develop a coherent song that doesn’t rely on using the same sequences throughout. I enjoyed the challenge and came up with a lot of music, but decided to remove certain sections for other songs as they wouldn’t suit the singer that I’ve got for the round.

I already had an idea before I went into this round about what I was going to record, but I ended up abandoning that idea for game of bands and work on it as a personal project, and I’m looking forward to working on that more, but for now my focus is elsewhere. While recording for this round, the sections I’ve removed I kind of put as a homage to one of my favourite songs, but I can use it as a basis for another song entirely.

I’m reinvigorated to record music right now, and get things made and just have a good time. I played so much yesterday that my fingers were hurt enough by lunch time that I couldn’t really play for the remainder of the day, after spending 45 minutes trying to record a solo. I say trying because I was trying to double track it, but I was also just trying to form it into a structure that I liked. I managed to get it into the correct sequence I wanted, but wasn’t able to get it double tracked, which I might try later in the week, but for now I’m happy with how it is. I added a few flourishes that I just couldn’t pick out to replicate so I didn’t want to double up certain parts and not others.

I’ve really started to understand that simplicity is better for vocals to go over, there’s no point putting something complex and extravagant in where it’s going to get lost in the mix, but there is value in multiple layers that contribute to the sound. I think in the last track I had more tracks than I’ve worked with, but each was contributing to the overall sound, but really had a minimal part to play, but the whole was greater than each of the parts by so much that I started understanding how to construct music.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-