Day 1855: 2019 Progress Report, January Edition

I set myself 6 goals at the beginning of the year, all relatively vague, except one, but within my control, so I want to keep myself accountable to them, and update what is going on.

I wanted to cover 1,000km by foot, walking or running, and I’ve been working hard at the gym. Unfortunately I was ill for a week and had to take time off work where I couldn’t exercise without fear of exacerbating the situation. I aimed to be covering around 90km per month, but so far I have only covered 55km. Luckily, I have a plan, and I’m doing alright at sticking with it. I am trying to keep my days not exercising a week to a minimum, and doing even only a 15 minute session at the gym if I’m not feeling up to much to keep myself ticking over and running.

I’ve been trying to write more. I certainly feel like I have been, and I’m glad. I hope that it has been showing too, as I’ve been investing more time in putting words down in many different places. I’ve been setting myself little goals, and have been pre-writing a lot of my journal posts so that I can ensure they’re conveying the message I’m going for, rather than confusing the message and ending a post at an illogical point.

I wanted to try and read more. I am not currently achieving this goal. I have been reading a lot of things online, but these are short throwaway pieces, rather than something proper and full. I need to get myself invested in another book and start working through that, but for now, nothing is going on.

I didn’t create much music last year, but this year I’ve already generated a 3 minute song, I’m just waiting for the vocals to be done, and that should be out on Sunday. I’ve signed up for 3 Game of Bands rounds in a row, missed out on the first one as there were too many people left over, but got into the second, which is what I’ve been working on, and then there’s a third one due to start once the current round is over on Sunday. I’m looking forward to the next round, I already have an idea, and I’m excited about making progress on it.

The Nobel Laureates have fascinated me, though I’ve only passed a cursory eye over them recently, I’ve learned a little about the history of the prize and how it came to be. I spent some time looking into the history of Alfred Nobel, and it’s a strange read. I’m hoping to kind of script it into a podcast like form soon, and begin the project that I’ve been delaying for ages. Did you know that some of the early prizes were awarded to people on the committee after they deemed their contributions significant? It was also friends of the people on the committee that were recognised in the early years, until the prize started being properly awarded to significant contributions to the fields of study. This isn’t to say that the prizes were intellectually less valuable, more so that early bias should be considered, and certain notable emissions might have a more profound influence on a subject than a lack of Nobel Prize might dictate.

I am still in my job, I have not transitioned to a new job, but I’ve been working on my resume/CV. I’m still in the UK, so it’s still a while away, and right now I have nothing else to do.

It’s been a crazy month. Hopefully more news soon!

I put out a podcast with Spencer today! We recorded this a while ago, but I don’t think there’s anything time sensitive in it, maybe references to things that are going to happen rather than things that have happened already. You can check it out here!

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-