Day 1851: Decent Sunday Plans

Last night there was a wrestling show, the NXT Takeover Phoenix, and the Anthem Demo was still live, so todays plans involved both of those. The wrestling show was very enjoyable, see Wednesdays journal later in the week about that.

The Anthem demo was enjoyable, I mentioned some thoughts yesterday, and all around I had a good time playing it. I’m hopeful that next weekend the whole squad can get together and we can all enjoy it together and see what madness we can all pull off.

My sister came over and as a family we all had a brunch, and tried to do a linking playlist while cooking, eating and cleaning up. In turn each of us would chose a song, and could even tenuously link it to the song before. We went from my mums choice of Carole King to Queen - Killer Queen, because of the tenuous link as Kings are married to Queens typically, and therefore it was a logical next song. It all makes sense.

Rachael and I finished the 4 chapters of Diablo season 16s season journey, and claimed our full sets, and are making progress on objectives, which is a nice change of pace from Path of Exile, but it plays far slower, and is far less deadly. Having actively played both over the last week I want to put together a journal for some time soon comparing and contrasting the two games. I’ll probably start tomorrow and then keep working on it throughout the week. I might even do the same thing with Anthem and Destiny, but that’ll likely be after Anthem comes out if I decide to pick it up. I saw a streamer today who on PC had switched to using a controller, and said it felt great with a controller.

I’m looking forward to finding out more about Anthem, I am still undecided on getting it, even though I’m very positive on it right now. It certainly seems like another game that I could massively enjoy. The start of this year seems to be very strong, with Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out in a few days, and Anthem in a few weeks.

Anyway, I also watched the Hot Ones with Gordon Ramsay and I laughed a lot, a very enjoyable video, as well as catching up with the Slow Mo Guys. Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-