Day 1850: Anthem Thoughts

I played some of the Anthem demo today, I even got on to play a little last night, despite the high likelihood of it not working.

I enjoyed it, there’s a lot to it, and a lot of if feels very unintuitive. Luckily the core game play loop seems to be there, and that’s very important. I knew nothing of this game before this week, and luckily I have a few friends that are interested in it. Who would have thought, a bunch of Destiny nerds would be interested in a sort of open world shooter, with progressive loot mechanics.

Many times we tried missions though they simply didn’t load us in, we never got to try out the world in free roam, and were limited to the 3 story missions that could be ran, and a sort of strike like lair activity. I think the first time we ran it it took us about 45 minutes, and the second time, now we knew what we were doing it took about 20 minutes. I hope that tomorrow before it goes away we can try it on the hard difficulty. I like the looty progression ideas, and I like that there is higher difficulty options, but more health and more incoming damage unfortunately doesn’t excite me much, but a higher drop rate of higher quality gear is somewhat appealing.

All in all I like what it’s doing, it is a game I’m sure I could sink many hours in to, it just depends whether I want to get involved or not.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-