Day 1849: Fitness Inspiration

While planning todays journal and writing it, I realised that I hadn’t done sufficient research and given it enough thought. So, rather than rushing something I was unhappy with, I’ve put it off for a later date and thought I’d try and do something of a similar length to that of what I’ve already written. Something that’s fully thought out and can easily be conveyed in the amount of words I want to use.

I shared a video link to a group chat the other day, where Joe Rogan and Faris Zahabi were talking about exercise. I would like to share my thoughts on it. It certainly got me motivated, and made me rethink my approach.

They were talking about routines and how a good routine will get you moving every day, won’t leave you tired and aching, losing precious time training and make improvements that you wish to see.

I was very committed to hard workouts where I’d be aching for a few days following, but based on the conversation that I listened to, I understand this to be less beneficial than I gave credit to. The wear on your body can be very significant, and so taking a different approach can be majorly beneficial.

For context, I was going to try and push towards my highest deadlift over the next few weeks, but I’ve indefinitely postponed that idea based on what I’ve heard. If I can do 70% of my max and rep that 5 times, and do that every day, I’m going to have lifted 350% of what I would have lifted if I tried my 100% weight, where I would have only got one rep. Doing this 70% at 5 reps also has other benefits too, such as not needing a whole day to recover, a day that is wasted, so I can effectively do 7 times the amount of work by dropping the weight down and doing more reps. Functionally, the force needed is lower, but all you should care about is the motion, and completing the repetition of the motion as fast as possible. Then your impulse, your power and force exerted is big, it’s going to be close to the force needed to move your 100%. If this is the case, then what is the benefit of ever trying to lift 100%? Clearly it’s safer to lift lesser amounts, which is great, if we aren’t injured then we don’t need to skip an exercise session. We also don’t need to be hurting.

Another thing that came out is how the gym is a fun place, happy when you train, enjoy the training, I try to embrace it, though today I was struggling through my run, but that was a whole other issue that snuck up at about 7km of my planned 10km. I made it through, but it was tough.

I’ve thought about my schedule, and I know I want to get faster, and more variable on my distances, so I’m aiming to run every day, when possible, and mix it up. Hopefully I’ll follow a schedule where I’m running 5km every other day, and alternate the days in between with 10km and 2km, that way I work on my 5km time, my fast pace on the 2km, and my slow pace on the 10km, all while still maintaining a standard to work to with the 5km, that being the middling pace that I’m looking to run with. I hope that training like this will lead me to be able to run 2km, 5km and 10km faster, in a faster time, so that I can make the progress I’m hoping for. I’m also thinking that this will get me covering 22km every 4 days, which helps with progress on my annual running goal.

I’ve linked the video on my website, it’s a fascinating discussion about training, I highly recommend checking it out if you are interested in fitness. Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-