Day 1847: Wrestling Wednesday!

Sasha vs Bayley is a feud I’ve heard about but never watched. There’s so much about it, so I thought I’d try and figure out what time scale it was on, when it started, which shows were involved and how it culminated at the mythical Takeover that is often mentioned.

Starting my research into the topic it’s easy to find the defining point, Takeover Brooklyn, August 22, 2015. But where the storyline begins is much harder to pin down. There was a follow up match at the following Takeover, which by all accounts was a good match, but by this point Sasha was working on RAW and had barely appeared at NXT.

Working backwards then, and reading from the beginning gets me to a point, either July 3rd, 2014, where Bayley attacked Sasha and caused the disbandment of Sasha’s team, or August 4th, 2014, where the two faced one another. But this seems too far out, but a good starting point. I also suspect that there isn’t a full year of build up for this, there are just going to be key points where something develops. Or, it was just one match that was incredible with a few weeks build up, which is what I think is most likely. So, I’ll start from the Takeover prior, Takeover: Unstoppable, and head to Takeover: Brooklyn, and then skip the weeklies to go straight to Takeover: Respect.

I’m looking forward on starting this journey and heading into an era of wrestling that I completely skipped over. I will report back in a few weeks what I’ve discovered, how I view what’s gone on, and keep not giving my real opinions on Charlotte. I think it’d also be worth looking into the changing from Divas to the Womens championship, and how that looks now 3 years on from Wrestlemania 32, where the new title was announced.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-