Day 1330: my hype is palpable

I got a whole load of sleep last night and today I feel significantly more awake than I did yesterday. That's promising for the amount of work I want to get done today. I'm very aware of what I've been writing recently and how I keep repeating the same points and I want to get away from that, however, I know that Destiny 2 is coming out and I'm going to be talking about that a lot. 

And for today I'm going to write about Destiny 2, the sequel to one of the games I've played the most, and I know already I'm going to enjoy it, at least initially, if not for longer. I played probably about 1600 hours in Destiny, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I tore myself away from it at the end as there wasn't anything left for me to achieve, mostly, I think I'm missing one trophy for not completing the Heroic Mode Wrath of the Machine raid, but I'm not too concerned that that's missing. My friends that played regularly by the point that we were ready to handle it were never around at the same time, a lot of the people I played with dropped off to play Overwatch. 

I'm looking forward to having everyone back together, a fully populated friends list of people playing Destiny, and working with people to tackle the content. I'm really looking forward to having new stuff to do in a somewhat familiar game. I've seen a lot of criticism about the changes to the game, however, I'm really keen that the changes are for the better of the game, and I certainly understand why the changes have been made, but we'll see what it's like when the game releases. 

There should be many hours of content to enjoy, and as much as I'd like to say I'll take my time going through it, I'll likely rush to keep up with friends. I don't want to get burnt out on the game quickly, as I'm going to have to find something to fill my non-studying time while I'm away, and I know if I'm sensible this will easily keep me busy for a decent amount of time. 

Well, this I guess was the first full Destiny 2 journal that I've shared. Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-