Day 1290: Today...

Today I travel for many hours, crossing many time zones, and will inevitably end up tired for the next week. I was intending to write a journal later in the day, however my phone hasn't had connection to a network, so I don't want to rely on it later to do things when I don't know how it'll behave.

This trip has been great, I am not looking forward to stepping back in to work, there's so much to do in the next 2 and a half months, and I don't know how it'll all be achieved.

Tomorrows journal will likely be handwritten when I'm travelling today, and will likely be about minecraft because that's easy for me to write down. I'm hoping I sleep well on the plane, and that I am somewhat coherent at the other end. I really want to get back into a decent exercise routine, and I'll need to work on a load of things inside and outside of work so that I'm ready for the next assessment, and all the things in work. I want to lose some weight as I've been slacking a lot recently, and I'd really like to get back to where I once was, as my running times before I left felt abysmal. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-