Day 1222: bicycles

Today I had an adventure. While I travelled no where near as far as yesterday, today I did some sightseeing of sorts.  

I rented a bicycle and set off on my way. I had a heading and so I began. I cycled slowly through a park and towards the centre, looking around everywhere I went. 

This was a bad idea. At about 6pm on a Monday evening, a lot of people want to get home and don't care for my touristy nonsense. But no harm or frustration came of it. I kept on going, made it to where I was planning to go, got what I needed and carried on. I cycled by the Anne Frank Haus, and carried on towards the centre, following random people for different bursts of my journey.  

There are a lot of cool and interesting places I haphazardly dawdled by, all the while stopping frequently to check my map to see where I was, and what was nearby.  

Amsterdam is a lovely city, and I'm enjoying my trip here. I found myself a pizza restaurant and ordered myself something I'd never had before and calmly awaited my food, while taking in my surroundings. Service people are how you'd expect them to be, friendly, understanding and willing to help, and, maybe it's the places I've chosen to visit, but this city is easily becoming one of my favourite cities in the world.  

Once I was done with my delicious pizza I took a quick look at my map, realised I'd done a large loop of Amsterdam and was within 200m of closing the loop and the path back to the hotel. I hopped back on the bike and set off on my way.  

Cycling when it's busy is intense, but when it's not busy, it's a fantastic way to navigate around, the city is built for it, and I'm glad I made the adventure today. So glad in fact that I'm hiring a bike for the rest of my stay. Yay! 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!  

Peace -x-