Day 1159: Too much stuff for a Monday.

Well, today has been all over the place. 

I got to work and got on with my day, there was a lot to do as my co-worker was out, and I had to do all the weekly tests and set up, which is something we usually do half each. 

Then I had to go to the hospital because of an accident involving a co-worker, and I was apparently the only first aider who was useful that was around. So there went 3 hours of my day, and another hour for the paperwork to be completed. It was a trying day. 

Then I found out my car was 'fixed'. I put that separately, and distinct, as that's what I thought last Thursday, but I was not correct then. Actually, my car failed on Friday and sent me into a complete spiral, because I was frustrated and kind of distraught with how everything was going. 

So now my car is running, and I have it back, so I'm hoping that it's running smoothly again. 

I also played a bit of Minecraft, which I kind of recorded, it'll go on this week's podcast, and I went ghast hunting and preparing for future Ender Dragon slaying. I'm having a good time with it all, but I know there's more I want to do with Minecraft anyway, with looking at Sky Factory and a few other things. 

I went to training, and I'm pretty sure my shin is going to be rainbow coloured because of the amount of shins it bashed against. It was a decent training session as well, really well paced, and progressively got tougher. Just what I needed.

Like I said, today has been all over the place. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-