Day 1172: some relaxing time

I have been ill all weekend, but I'm finally feeling nearly better. Certainly well enough to work and get stuff done. 

Today Rachyrock and I watched Tangled and played Minecraft, we got the final non-battle mode achievement for flying with an Elytra, and it all went well. There were no deaths, and we got it done, and everything was awesome. We've been spending a lot of time fishing hoping to find enchanted books with mending on them, so far we've found 2, as well as finding fishing rods with the enchantment on them which will now never break. 

For as much as it's sucked that I've been ill, I'm glad its out the way and hopefully won't loop back around any time soon. It also means that tomorrow I'll have so much exercise to catch up on, or I'll pad it out through the week. 

It's going to be a good week ahead. Or it isn't. Who knows, but I can hope. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-