Day 1147: New Character Shenanigans

This evening I'll be playing D&D with my new Kenku Rogue. 

Last week I had a blast playing it, giving me a chance to frustrate the characters and impose a new character, as part of a rogue duo, and see how it fits in with the group. 

I'm trying my best to roleplay the character well, and I'm trying to exploit the fact that I do have some excellent roll modifiers. 

My favourite part about the character is that it can't talk conventionally, it doesn't have its own voice, however, it is an excellent mimic and can mimic anyone or anything with a minute of concentration on their talking. Informing my group that I'm talking back to them in their own voice is a weird thing, and everyone seems to be slowly getting to grips with how weird that quirk is actually turning out to be. 

I'm looking forward to exploring the character more, I'm not sure when my previous character will return, but I might have a difficult decision on my hands as to which I'll keep on playing. 

Right, I'm off to play! Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-