Day 1126: This... (continued)

The wings fade, clearly loosing their reality as their existence wanes.  I begin to fall, increasing in speed and erratic tendency, the things formerly supporting my, hindering my ability to regain control. 

Spiralling down towards what can be presumed is water, the waterfall raging behind me, my descent appears to be taking shape. I splash, cleanly into the crystal clear water, and vanish for a moment. The scene warps and from the ground of leaves I rise. 

The leaves slowly fall away, not adhering to my unexplainably dry skin and clothing. 'The world is not as you view it' I jaunt, and I begin to run. 

I bounce a little off a tree nearby as I run past, the tree shakes, rattling free a multitude of varying colours of leaves. The leaves hit the ground and fade instantly, the colours slowly swirling together in my wake. 

My strides become further apart, my speed is increasing. I leap up towards one tree, jump clean off it to the next, with a sureness on uneasy branches that every step will fall exactly where required. I've stirred up quite the vortex behind me, a kaleidoscopic demonstration of the dissolution of reality. My height ever increasing until, suddenly, I break through the uppermost layer, and into the sky. A mountain behind me, eclipsing the sun, a glorious halo of light emanating and filling the fading landscape. 

I turn around, basking in my trail. I land in snow immediately. The leaves now fall as pure colours onto the terrain, painting in the most vibrant shades. 


I seem to be most creative when I've had creative stimulus beforehand that I believed had exhausted me before. I played D&D this evening, got in, and wrote some music, then wrote this. I don't care whether what I've written is good or bad, but I care that I've written it, and I'm slowly telling some form of a story. I try my best not to plan these short trips through my imagination, but to embrace every idea that comes into my head in rapid succession and convert the images I see to words efficiently. I see this as something I've lacked in the past and something I want to explore more of. I hope you want to see more too. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-