Day 1377: Reverb, Dinner and a Concert

Today has been a good day. I've played games with friends, found some settings I really enjoyed on the reverb pedal I've been using, recorded some music and had some good food, which was followed up by a Concert. 

I've been using an Electro-Harmonix Cathedral reverb in what will probably be a video that I'll try and put together tomorrow. I used the reverb to create a sound that I can work over and stick to a key and jam around and just try to make a pleasing persistent sound. As long as I stay in the same key I can keep playing and it all sounds additive and lovely. 

Reverb 1.jpg

This evening we went out to a brewpub and I got a delicious veggie burger and some fries, and it was fantastic. I had a very nice meal, I ate the whole thing, and left nothing behind.

Dinner 1.jpg

Then we went to what we believed would be a performance of a Trio piece by Tchaikovsky, but we discovered upon arrival that we would be treated to pieces by Mozart, Popper and Mendelssohn. All in all we had a delightful time hearing the pieces being recited by a piano, violin and cello. 


Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-