Day 1097: Farewell 2016, Hello 2017

So this might be a long post. 

Reviewing my journal posts from around this time last year, I realised that I never set any measurable, attainable goals. This year, that changes. I have a bunch of ideas of things I'd like to achieve, and already have thoughts on hot to accomplish them. 

I'm going to break them down, hopefully categorically, and group some together. 

Fitness etc.

TKD - I want this year to earn my second degree black belt. This should have been completed in March, however, due to travelling, and studying I'm short on attendance, and because of all the studying and assignment writing in November/December I missed an assessment that needed to be complete, the next one being available in March. 

Due to my general lack of training, I also am very aware that I need to work on all aspects of my fitness and TKD. 

My weight - I believe I am around 76-77kg at the moment, I have no way to determine that, other than how I feel and look. I'm sure I'm not back up to 87kg again, but I'm verifiably heavier than I have been in the past few years. At RTX 2015 I was roughly 65kg. I know I was around that weight because I needed to make a declaration of my weight for September 2015 for my first Degree grading. So, I'd like to get back to under 70kg, aiming to get to about 66-67kg. 

But, that's a target, with no ways of getting there. So, let's look at a few fitness goals that will help me along the path to getting there. 

I want to run another obstacle race, hopefully with some TKD training buddies. 

Running - I want to be running again, I have some excellent running loops where I live, a 3km one, a 5km one, a 7km one, and they can easily be combined to provide further distances if required. I want to be able to run 2km in 9 minutes consistently, I want to be able to run 5km in 22 minutes (on a treadmill) and I want to get back to running both outside and in the gym, using the gym to analyse my performance outside, and try to correlate my efforts in the gym to running in the real world, because there is a difference. 

Cycling - I really began cycling again, using my dad's bike, and cycling for an hour to an hour and a half, trying to get a decent time, and distance covered. I was getting around 22km done in an hour, though I'd really like to up that along the trail I was cycling along so that I can 25km done in an hour. It's certainly attainable, so I'll be working on that when the weather starts to turn in about March/April. In the meantime, I'll be working on sprints on the fan bike that is at the gym. 


Consistency - I haven't missed an episode of my podcast yet, and I don't plan to, this one is just a goal for me, I haven't missed one in 2 and a half years, so I'd like to just maintain this. 

Grow Listenership - I have a few ideas of how to achieve this, however, I know that I'd like to reach a bigger audience as much as it is a personal project. 

Topic Lists - I am very guilty of going into episodes without a topic list, being wholly unprepared, but I'd like to change that and provide some idea to my guests as to where the conversation will be heading. 

I also would like to add mini-profiles for my regular guests on my website. 

Journal Writing

I was getting into a good routine during the last few months last year, and I'd really like to pick that back up again. Much like this journal, I'll be trying to write out a few points to write about each day, 

I want it to be better, so much so that I'll be trying to emulate what I was working on last year so that I get it done, with more direction, and with better points being made. 


I want to write some more songs this year, as well as taking part in more game of bands stuff.

As part of Game of Bands, I'm very aware that I work best when I've got a time limit, and I'd really like to find myself someone to work on music with. 

With the music I want to write I kind of want to put out another demo, so I'll probably aim to get that done for the end of the year. I did have a new idea today, and I'm glad I've come up with it, so I probably can work on that for a while, it sounds like I can run a bunch of that riff too, it's rather open so it'll be fun to play around with. 


I'm hoping to complete my certificate in Quality Management and I really want to try and match whatever grade I get in my assignment or better so that I have something to aim for. 

I'd really like to try and make some improvements at my site/company, I want to work harder, achieve more, improve methods, streamline more things and learn more stuff. I've got a relatively difficult challenge ahead of me for the overall manufacturing side of the job, as I need to ensure that the failure rate of the batches from the factory improve from last years target, 15 failures per 100 batches, to 12 failures per 100 batches. That might not sound like a lot, but it's still a significant amount, that's overall about 75 batches over the whole year, which again might not sound like a lot, but it's a significant improvement. 

Vanity (?)

I've decided that I'd like to try and post a selfie every day (on Instagram) in a way to make myself have a record of how my face changes throughout the year. And maybe a confidence thing. Who knows?

So, have a wonderful day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-