Day 1114: White Rabbit Project

Today I've been watching a bit of White Rabbit Project, the netflix series from the ex-Mythbusters build team, Grant, Tory and Kari . 

They start off by sharing a story, this story informs the direction of the episode. They will then cut to the studio where the three of them discuss what they've seen, and what the overall aim of the episode is. They'll take 6 stories, try to re-enact or recreate them, or research them and re-tell the story. They then sort of set out the criteria they will be judging the 6 stories on to rank them at the end. 

Then they get into the episode proper and open up a few other stories, some short, some longer, and close them off at appropriate points, and evaluate them against the criteria they set out. 

It's an enjoyable show, I've watched most of the episodes now, and I like it. It's a different show to Mythbusters, so I can understand if people weren't to enjoy it, but I like how it works as a show, it's certainly different to most shows. If you like the hosts, then I'm sure you'll understand it and enjoy it, but it's not for everyone. 

Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-