Day 1111: 111111

This week is progressing in a weird way. I have a bunch of things I suddenly put on myself today so that I can keep myself busy. I'm coming round to the idea ofhave beans and rice more frequently, and I'm slowly cutting down the amount of sugar, and chocolate that I'm eating. I only have sour patch kids, peanut butter m&ms and starburst jelly beans left. 

What was on this list though? Well, I needed to get my podcast done, however I needed to make space on my hard drive so that I could get it exported. So I realised I needed to organise all my files, from video project files, the iMovie video library, my own exported video library, my downloads, my audio project files for garageband, both podcast and music, and then any other things I've made that are kicking around. 

So, I began the process, realised that things with the same name are going to be roughly groups together, which really helped in moving things from place to place. I attached my external hard drive and began the tedious long process of moving things from place to place. 

So far I think I've cleared up probably 120gb, with prospectively about 250gb more that I can also clear up. 

It's been refreshing to go through things. There's still a whole bunch of music ideas I've got to catalogue and get an idea of, because there's so many ideas that I've recorded a little bit of. 

I have stuff to do the rest of the week! Have an excellent week! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-