Day 978: Why don't my legs support me?

Today I decided to take the plunge and join late to a songwriting contest, and I immediately paired up with cool sounding people, we've got ideas and a goal, and we're getting on with it. I've written a bit of music but not recorded any yet, but that's okay! 

I also played some Destiny which I know is a real shocker, but I'm slowly feeling like I'm getting better at it. and that makes me glad. Considering how much time I've invested into it. 

I also went to the gym, and now I don't want to stand up. Because I decided it was a good day to try out intervals on the treadmill, then intervals on the new fancy bikes they have. While it was awesome, I realised, once I felt I'd done enough on the bike, that actually supporting myself was a whole new challenge I'd forgotten about. 

It's been a pretty good day all round. And Rachyrock is looking excellent day! 

Have an awesome day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-