Day 976: Re-Matrixed

I watched The Matrix again today. 

I forgot how good it was, and thoroughly enjoyed it. What I've only just noticed when watching it is how much stuff there is about the ideas that run through the film from the very beginning. I had forgotten the sequence of events, I forgot how Neo gets trapped, and the fight in the train station. The action is great, and now I'm really in the mood to watch more. Hopefully soon I'll watch the Crouching Tiger sequel. 

I've also spent a bunch of time over the weekend playing Destiny and No Man's Sky. Today I took a whole group through the Vault of Glass and had a magical time. There were two people who had never run it before and it was a good time, and the others hadn't ran it in a long time. I went super try hard and it all went well, I held the relic at templar and we didn't wipe at the oracles. I had to teach people how to hold the relic at Atheon as well. It was a whole teaching experience. 

In No Man's Sky (which I'll probably write about later in the week) I found a trading post on a planet, surrounded by Sac Venoms and so I farmed around for a while, running around in the wildly variable weather, it being -85 degrees one minute to 130 degrees minutes later. It's a weird but lucrative planet. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-