Day 1001: TKD Part 2 - Integrity

Integrity is important. Actually I've been mad because of someones lack of integrity over the last week, so that's delayed this journal about 3 days. 

So integrity is important, it's being truthful even when hard decisions need to make and dire consequences will be wrought when the right decisions is made. It's telling your instructor that you haven't learned something, that you haven't finished an exercise, and holding the whole class up and calling them out on their efforts. 

It's a beautiful thing, disguised by sometimes horrible ramifications, by ugliness that people don't want to deal with, but always gives the result that is needed. 

There's too little integrity in this world, an example from even only today with the US Senate passing a bill, which I will not comment on any further other than integrity should have won the day. Nigel Farage is someone who I feel has very little integrity, hiding behind lies to get his xenophobic views shared, which has had wide spread ramifications on how the UK as a whole is viewed, which is just wholly inaccurate. 

Integrity is important to me, as it should, being one of the tenets of TKD, something we focus on in every training session, another aspect that has bled over in to my non-training life that is becoming ever more serious. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-