Day 1000: A long winded Thank You

Oh. I made it. Awesome! 

1000 days. It's been a pretty crazy journey. There's been ups and downs, new people have come, and gone, and I've made plenty of new friends. It's been great, and I can't believe that I made it specifically to here. 

Now there's still things that most people don't know, but they're things from the past that are irrelevant. And they'll likely stay right where they are.

There's been so much that's changed, the site certainly is ifferent to how it was before. I still don't feel like commenting on it. I know they're working on it, and I know for sure that my activity has dropped around the place, but that's okay. 

So, really this journal should be gratitude to those who surround me, and keep me going, serve as inspiration and help me maintain my motivation. People not mentioned in one section might appear in another section, I don't really want to double up if I can help it. 

I'll start by saying Rachyrock is awesome, a great person, and ever supportive. She's the kind of person that balances me out, in the best possible way. She keeps me on task, and has helped me in so many ways that I can barely describe. 

Then there's all the different people in all the different groups. I'll start with the people I record podcasts with, my guest crew, comprised of Spencer/Grenou, Andres/Xcalante, Adam/Attitude13, Shoban/Nabohs, KillerKel, McDom, and DrHairz all of whom have helped me and been willing participants to my wild ramblings about my world, and have shared thoughts and helped me shape the message I want to share with the world. 

Then there's Bear and Sen, my Destiny Fireteam who I've played a whole bunch with. I've played more hours with them than probably most people, and it's nearly always an awesome time! 

And to supplement that there's fireteam bravo, the other people I play Destiny on the regular with, Izzy, Euan, Jordan/Ninjaspectre, and Ali/Ndawar/assassinx07. I met all these people through different means, and we all have different, awesome perspectives. 

Two people in particular I'd like to mention, one of whom I talk to far more than the other, but that's understandable, is Audrey and TJ, and they're just a great couple and I don't think I'll forget the chat that we all had one night of RTX in 2015, we all just caught up and talked about so many things, so much stuff that's happened in the community to that point, and it was one of the times that gave me a real raw sense of the power that this community has. 

The other groups that are around the place that I frequently chat to are the Good Guy Gamers, with Beepbep, EllDunc, ThatDan, and a whole host of other gamesy awesome people! Specific shout outs to the D&D campaign that I played with KillerKel, BeepBep, McDom, as well as Will and Matt. So much fun was had, my character from that campaign was wonderful, and just encapsulated me, and really drove my creativity and informed my decisions with my music and game me a name to perform under. It was a great time! 

There's also the Oxford Comma Cafe and all the awesome people contained within, Jenn/LoZelda, James/Desayjiin, Eric, Jared/Priest, Lamkia, Kiwi, Giries, and so many others again! The smartest of discussions are found there, I only regret that I don't spend more time in there posting and engaging with this tight-knit part of the community. 

There's people I've just met through here with no groups, like Ninjacake, and Newbs, and gi_goku, and so many other people, like Luis/SpartanSloth and TDBTyler of the Shifty Keys, and so many other people I'll never be able to remember them all from the top of my head. 

There's also all the people in the UK, like Ailsa, StewDog, from Scotland, Nai and Boomer, and Tudor, and Chris/TopherBeadle, Dan, James, Katie, Luke/Hightower, and all the others both on the RTUK Ambassador team and not. 

I'm sure there's people I've missed, there's obvious glaring omissions and right now I'd not stop writing if I were to include everyone. But you've all changed my life, and it's been a great time. I'm going to writing more as time goes on, I'm still trying to ever improve and get better and become a better writer, something I've never felt strong at, and within the last few weeks I've been a bit shaky on things, but I know the more I work at it, the better I'll get. 

So. Thank you everyone! You really are all my favourites! I know I say it every day, and every day I mean it. Have an excellent day! You all can, you all deserve it! 

Peace -x-