Day 996: Creative writing practice part 1

As I climb the stairs, not knowing what lies beyond the door at the top, I feel nervous. Each step becomes more difficult, not only because of the hundreds I've already taken, but because the darkness feels like it intensifies. 

This grim, spiralling, enclosed staircase infrequently disrupted by misshapen, ill-fitting doors, grows ever more daunting. Flickering lights do not ease my desire for inner calmness, and the smell becomes ever present and makes me feel queasy. The pervading sounds of running water are continually confusing as it feels like I've been climbing for half an hour.

The further up I get, the damper everything becomes, sounds are more muffled, and the air feels heavy, laden with water. I feel sweaty, sweatier than I've ever been in my life, and that this trip is not going to end up in my favour. 

I hear a voice, welcoming me, getting louder but more unclear as I get closer to the top. Water starts to flow down these steps, and I keep marching. This is unreal, this can't be happening. Someone edges into view, the sounds I thought were welcoming are screams, warning me to stay away. I'm enthralled, I've come this far, I will see what lies beyond. I speed up and the surroundings become brighter, there's light ahead, but it's suddenly uninviting. I recognise this, but I'm being drawn in, my curiosity overwhelming any desires I have to act on the very rational urges I feel to leave. 

A figure stands before me, seemingly leaking from all over, but from no where. Drenched they try to ward me away, attempting to prevent me from passing. But it's no use. I fend them off, pushing them away, as they disintegrate into a pool of water. My comprehension fails, as I keep going, disregarding the events that have just transpired at my hands and I reach the door. 

I haul myself through, bursting into glorious sunshine on a pebble beach. The door slams behind me, but I care not for it. I spin in a circle, taking in the surroundings, and noticing a glaring omission from the scenery I expected. I make my way into the water that lays ahead, and just keep walking. The water never raises past my waist and I keep moving now feeling free. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-