Day 995: Sharing

This weeks podcast had McDom as my guest, and we very hastily talked about all manner of things, including my black belt assessment and the Destiny challenges that seemed to absorb a whole bunch of my time! I then tried to tie that into gaming challenges and achievements, but it went poorly! The episode can be found here on youtube and on iTunes! 

I've also been working with two people on a hip-hop song. And, well, I'm completely out of my depth. Because I have never been into that sphere of music or culture, but you know what, I'm trying my best to appropriate my style of music to the song. Hopefully it'll turn out well. 

The feedback on last rounds track has been clear, the music was simple, there was not enough depth, and needed more interesting ideas in it to actually make the song come together, however, praise to the lyricist, as I feel the music let down what could have been a great song. Instead, it's only mediocre. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-