Day 992: I've been thinking!

At work today I was carrying out a test, something I do plenty of, something that's become somewhat routine for me, and when I carry out this test, every time, without fail, I have ideas. 

I always try to keep a notepad nearby so that I can jot these ideas down. Based on yesterdays journal I wanted to get some ideas down where I can think about the topics that I regularly talk about, and give them a place in my week to talk about them. So, why don't I theme my days, or say each week I'll have these topics fixed with a few floating journals, and why don't I also try something completely different. 

I came up with some things, sure, I know I won't stick to them only being talked on the days I intend to talk about them, but that's how I am and how I hope to embrace my writing. The one thing I thought I could do, and would probably do less often, say, once a month, was to hand write a journal, the first one I already know what it's going to be about, so that's easy, and it'll totally explain why I want to do it in that way. 

As I was thinking, I thought that there are things I'm not great at, creative writing being one of them, and things that I am good at, TKD for example, so why don't I explore and explain things about these, and try to get better in all aspects, as well as searching for understanding of things through my writing. As well as this, I want to focus things, to stop them being so sporadic, and implement a day where I talk about the games I'm playing, and then a journal each week about Destiny. Also, I am thinking of starting a series of journals within these about D&D which I might try and break down the characters and classes, and how I perceive the game. 

So tomorrow, I'll probably start on that. I've already thought of creating google docs to get ideas written down that can theme a journal post, and then I'll probably cherry pick a few of them to be podcast topics as well. I'm trying with my podcasts to be more focused and have a topic to get to that over arches most of the discussion, but that's also highly dependent on the guest and how much there is to catch up on, and I'm very aware that this also, as is evidenced by the podcasts that I've put out, a way for me to talk significantly more than my guest, making them feel useless for turning up, which I want to avoid.

I've been thinking! As you can see! And I've been listening to AFI all day, it's been awesome! Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-