Day 990: A moment of Triumph and some music

Today, and this past week really has been weird. 

I decided to push to get moments of triumph in Destiny for year 2 done, thursday night I raided and got all the fragments, and then friday night I tried and failed at completing the hard Kings Fall Raid. I think my sleep all week has been affected by how much I wanted this, but I don't know, because the weather has been weird. Yesterday I took a step back, thought I'd have a day away, and try again another time. 

Today was that another time. Yeah I said it like that. 

So I got a group together, people got kicked, and people left, some people stayed, and eventually we all pulled together, after 3 and a half hours, and beat oryx. I was ecstatic. I now have a reward t-shirt coming, and a shiny emblem proving that I belong in the game, and that I've been there year one and year two. I'm glad I did it, but for the next year, I plan to actually participate through out the year, and get things done at reasonable times, closer to release, and not two days before the deadline. Something I try my best to do at work, and with studying. 

I've also been working like crazy on a song. I wrote it with two people from reddit from the game of bands subreddit, a songwriting competition group. This times challenge was Round 101, 101 courses. So, naturally we thought, what's cheesey, and amazing? And we came up with this! Playing Guitar To Pick Up Chicks 101, a rock song. The lyrics came together well, the music was moderately okay, and the vocals only came through today. I'm happy with how it all went together, and I'm glad that it got finished, as the last time I tried the group fell apart, and I was disappointed that I didn't get a song finished. Of course, theres always things that could be done better, but for 10 days, this isn't too bad. 

How has your weekend been?

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-