Day 984: The longest of grinds

We know I like playing Destiny. That's an established fact. 

But until recently I've never been much a fan of PvP. There is a grimoire card, in game completion score, for winning rumble matches. Rumble is free for all with 6 people. There was a year and 6 months in between my first and second wins in the play list, and until the last few weeks I'd only come first 4 times. Recently I have got 6 wins, and I completely changed my philosophy on the crucible. 

I'm actively trying to play more and more, with my current goal being a positive K/D ratio, and at least one game a day. What I've noticed so far is that I'm either better than I thought, or I'm improving quickly. 

Today, winning one match moved my global ranking from 97,000 (ish) to 85,000 (ish) and my skill ranking has only taken a dip since I started actively pursuing this goal. 

I currently stand at only 10 wins, of the 100 required to complete the grimoire, but this journey will take me a long time, and hopefully will help me improve in all aspects of my crucible game. I've been jumping into other playlists and doing poorly, not necessarily intentionally, but I'm certainly not as good at tracking all the enemies, and knowing the game modes for 6s. 3s I feel like I'm doing better. 

Anyway, I'm trying my best, and it's feeling good. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-