Day 973: No Man's Sky Adventurers Log Part 4

I'll put this up top because I need to do better at promoting myself and things. New podcast out this week with Xcalante! It was a good one, there was chat of Deus Ex and a few other things, and Monkeys! It can be found here on the youtube, and you can also find it on iTunes! 

I decided to brave the universe and believe in my own abilities to navigate. 

I used my hyperdrive to leave the star system I was in for one with one planet, and hoped something useful would present itself to me. The gamble paid off as I was greeted in the new star system with an interface with the Atlas, a new, shorter path to the next interface, and a planet that gave me plenty of resources. 

So I scoured around and made about 8 warp cores, so I'm good to travel for a while more into the stars. I found a planet with Radnox in a new system, but the weather is about 280 degrees, so it's dangerous to get it, but I need it for things! THINGS AND STUFF! 

Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-