Day 945: Worry Free Wednesday!

It's been kind of a crazy day at work! I got to bury my head in the lab and just get on with a lot of things. It's been kind of refreshing to actually get my hands (well the gloves on my hands) dirty, and do some actual physical science. 

As of tonight, my cookies will be no more, as I visit the ravenous D&D crew, and if anything survives it'll be a miracle. Someone will need to call the Jesus. 

Speaking of D&D, I think we should be finishing the dungeon crawl that we've been on over the last few weeks, and I'm super excited. There's been wind originating from deep down in a cavern we've been adventuring into, and we're lmost at the source. Some of the party are hurting pretty bad, but Arturo Ironfist will happily swing his sword around. 

The Diablo update seems to have changed a few things, but my class (monk) has been left relatively untouched, but the wizards firebird set has suffered badly, which is boo. 

I'm looking forward to getting into this evening, but first I need to get properly prepared as there's things to do! 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! Even you! 

Peace -x-