Dat 970: Day Off!

Today has been a weird day! 

I went out for a meal with my parents, had a weird burger two hours later than planned, and walked their awesome dog. It was a good time, and while walking played some pokemon go, hatched an egg, which turned into a Ponyta. 

Then I got back, and restrung 2 of my guitars, and the strings have nearly settled enough that they're useable, but I didn't realise how dirty my guitars were until I actually started cleaning them properly. I fitted some higher gauge strings on one of them, the one that I've been down tuning a lot, and I can't wait to try out strings that are more suited to lower tunings, so I should get a better sound out of them, and the guitar has a really nice sound when tuned slightly lower. 

And then I worked on finishing up, and progressing some of the quests on my alternate characters in destiny. It's been a good time. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-