Day 967: One time in Austin with the Oxford Comma Cafe

The OCC got together at RTX on the Saturday evening at Fados pub and had an awesome night of celebration of being The Greatest Thread On The Internet! There was a section of time hen we realised we should probably put some faces to names, and so we started introducing ourselves in a giant circle. 

I recorded it, and subsequently forgot that I had until I was reminded (probably for the second time) by @Lamkia that I had not uploaded it at all, and it'd probably be a pretty cool thing to do. 

So I set it as my mission to do last night, then forgot, then remembered again today, and put it together as a matter of MASSIVE IMPORTANCE! There has been no fancy editing, just some cuts at the end to include people who weren't around at the initial wave of introductions, and it was altogether a great time. 

So here is a video, of a bunch of lovely people, who can be found from time to time in the Oxford Comma Cafe. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-