Day 964: No Man's Sky Adventurers Log Part 2

As I step out onto another planet, 'm greeted by not one but 3 hostile creatures trying to claw my eyes from my skull. 

Welcoming, for sure, but also understandable. 

So, I find on this planet Vortex Cubes, all strewn around, and freely available to collect, no cause for concern, and crystals of Emeril, and many many resources. There are kind creatures too, and quickly I'm scanning all around me, gentle or aggressive, and learning more about this world that I'm casually visiting. 

My bags soon get filled, and I have to leave, knowing I'll return soon, to gather and learn more about this luscious world. As I go to leave the planet I hear rumblings of space pirates, so I scour the horizon for any ports, stations or manufacturing facilities that can house me and my ship until the pirates pass. I'm all for a good bit of nautical amusement, but in space, the story is a little different. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-