Day 952: Learning

I'm good at science and maths. 

I know this. I'm sure other people know this too. I learned in those disciplines how to do what I needed, through methods and reports, alongside writing both too, I knew what was needed.
I've just started a course that's presented me with new challenges that I also need to prepare myself for. I need ot write to progress. I've been passed some accompanying documents, providing me a lay out, and pointers on how to write, and how to improve what's written. 

It's moments like this that I feel education failed me, there I was, in year 13, at 18 years old, telling the 6th form Head teacher that I was going to fail, no matter how hard I tried because I had no idea how to write in a useful way. 

I tried my best, I honestly did, but it gave me nothing, wasted my time and wasted the schools resources. I still had no idea how to write, backed up with proof that I didn't. 

Cut to 10 years later, 2 and a half years after I began trying to write more, better, and getting an understanding, to find some resources that help my writing fundamnetals, that I thought were severely lacking in a format that works for me. 

Even starting this course has been great, and tomorrow I'm actually going to start learning and I can't wait. 

I hope you all have had an excellent day! Also, it's Rachyrocks birthday! You're all my favourites! Especially Rachyrock.

Peace -x-