Day 939: Things Thursday

First off, new podcast with McDom, it was a good one, chatting about Dark Souls (shocking), D&D and a few other things! It can be found on iTunes, search for Easily Excitable, and on podbean at and then it's on youtube at the following handy link

And now for the main part. Todays TKD lesson was weird. My instructor got mad at one of the students who was setting a poor example to the rest of the class and disrespecting our instructor. As such, our instructor was furious at this one student. It lead to a tense time in the class, and it was awkward. Hopefully the situation will get  resolved, and the next few sessions will be some good, relaxing hard training. 

Work tomorrow has the potential to be great, a day where I can relax in the afternoon, finish up all the work for the week and plan the next months worth of stuff to work on. I like planning. Acting on those plans is another thing. 

It's been a crazy week, I've been tired most of it because I've not felt like sleeping early enough all week. And I've played a whole bunch of Diablo also. I played one game of Destiny today and decided that it wasn't a good evening for that. I'm also getting super excited for this weekend. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-