Day 925: Struggles...

This weeks podcast I spoke to McDom and we had a wonderful talk about our respective trips to America, as well as the games we're currently working through. Check it out on youtube here, or on podbean here or on iTunes by searching for The Easily Excitable Podcast!

Today though, I don't really know what to say. There's something plaguing my mind that happened at RTX, but I don't know whether to share it or not. If I could forget it I would. It's another thing that I'll be reminded of for a long time, and I'm still not okay with my brain working like that even after all these years.

I've had a good morning though, and I've made something at work, which I guess is what I needed, it kept me busy, and I'm feeling better about the whole situation here, I just need to clear up a training course I really want to take. The training course, right now to me, is the step out of the limits I put on myself with the direction I headed, with it being widely applicable, as I want to learn about quality management, rather than having to be limited to the chemical industry, it's widely applicable, which in the future could (and should) provide more opportunities no matter where I end up.

I know I seem like every day this week I've been writing about the future, and the things I've been working on, and like things are never stopping, but I'm having a problem settling back in to being here, and I'm slowly getting to grips with how I need to handle things, and while I'm technically easing back in to things here, I'm still trying to keep myself distracted as I know I'm super prone to feeling sad and lonely, which has luckily been quelled quite a lot by everything I've been doing. Yesterday was probably the worst day, but I'm glad that (I hope) it hasn't really come across, and I know that I might seem needy and attention starved, but more I still use this journal as a personal space to dump out thoughts and satisfy my own need to clear my head.

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!

Peace -x-