Day 924: iTunes approved Podcast

Last night I got approval of my podcast on the iTunes podcast directory, so now it's available there too, here! Needless to say, I'm very excited that I've made it to this stage already, and that I'm happy with how it's all going. I need to sort a bunch of podcast stuff out today, but that's stuff that's easy enough to do. I would be very appreciative if you'd be inclined to subscribe to the podcast even if you don't listen to it, so that my numbers look at least somewhat promising.

So, last night I also hit the gym, made myself thoroughly exhausted, and had a good time! I ran better than I was expecting as well, pushed myself to exactly the point I thought I should, and I feel good today, with a few aches that are to be expected. Today, I'm resting from exercise, which hopefully means I'll be feeling great tomorrow for TKD training. It's the last training at the hall in my home village tomorrow night as well, so that'll be a cool training.

Last night I also played some Destiny, and I edited the audio for my podcast. Podcast is sounding good and noise free and now there's a bit of intro music on it. Destiny was fun, Euan and I ran the nightfall, after many failed attempts of me trying to get the one calcified fragment that is no raid specific I had left to get. I eventually got it done, but it was a right pain to get.

It was also uncovered that I need to get all the calcified fragments on one character, not over the whole account, so I need to get all the challenge modes done on my warlock, which is a bit frustrating but totally understandable.

I also received another email yesterday, this time related to my album, The Hollow Throne, which is totally available right now for free on bandcamp, and to listen to on soundcloud. It was about a review that should be coming out about it, and that they only review albums they'd rate at 3/5 or higher, which is super promising for me, and makes me excited. If you want it, go get it, it shouldn't take any time, and I really like how it is, there's 9 tracks, 6 of which I think anyone can enjoy, and 3 tracks which are for those who like music of a heavier persuasion.

Podcasts enjoyed since yesterday:

  • Destiny the Show #105
  • Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - Niche Conventions

I hope you all have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!

Peace -x-