Day 923: Productivity is good right now

Last night I went to training, and it went on 30 minutes longer than usual, and I felt great afterwards. I feel great now, and I'm excited and encouraged that I feel so good already after getting back into training. I know that I'm not going to be hitting the same marks immediately after starting back with training, but it's just good to feel like I'm making even small bits of progress. 

While I feel great about things outside of work, at work, things are just stressful, and I'm having a hard time just getting used to being around the people again. 

Last night I also got a podcast recorded, made an intro bit of music for the podcast, and tonight I will be editing out all the noisy happenings that went on, as there were coughs, alarms and loud vehicles happening everywhere, at 10pm. We were certainly confused about the amount of noise. 

Tonight though, I will also be hitting the gym, hopefully I'll be getting a bit of Destiny played as well, I need to jump back in, and I want to write some music. I wrote some music last night, and now I'm really looking forward to get it recorded and then expand on the ideas. Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm toying with the idea of writing some lyrics also, so that's another project to be investigated. 

What's happening around the community? I see so many people playing pokemon go, but I'm so afraid of trying to venture down that rabbit hole, that I'm probably just going to keep away from it. Other things happening? Shobans Friday Night Flash is returning soon! YAY! 

Podcasts listened to over the last few days: 

  • Nerdist: Dana Carvey
  • Destiny The Show #104
  • Fireteam Chat episode 74

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-